Festival 2015

United Youth: A Festival Of Expression

Saturday, May 2, 2015

RSVP please, if attending, to

Barbara Muller, UNA President

iPhone 805 680 9445  / Bgaughenmu@aol.com

The UNA-USA Santa Barbara Chapter and 2020 A Year Without War invite all youth of Santa Barbara County to participate in an outdoor, full day: United Youth: A Festival of Expression.

The purpose of this event is to give our local youth (middle school through college) an unrivaled opportunity to be heard as they express their hopes and dreams, their fears and concerns, and most anything else they have on their minds. Art, Music, Dance, Impromptu talks and conversations will keep the discussions and participation lively. Come to listen. Come to be heard, tell your stories and get to know each other and meet more than 20 non-profit organizations offering mentorships and volunteer opportunities. This FREE EVENT is being led by a newly-formed youth group called United Youth. It’s now the young folks’ turn to be heard and to advance their ideas and concerns!

DATE: Saturday May 2, 2015   10:00am – 4pm outdoors

LOCATION: Santa Barbara City College West Campus, Grand Meadow

This event is FREE, but please RSVP if you plan to come

  • by texting 805-680-9445 or

  • by e-mailing Bgaughenmu@aol.com

It’s an invitation to elevate our thinking and motivate young women and men to believe they can make a difference and to experience their true potential as students and as adults. “We will all learn from the wisdom of our youth,” says Dr. Gil Reyes, Event Coordinator.

Also there is an exciting opportunity to be part of creating the “World’s Largest Peace Collage.” Bring words or images that express how you feel about world peace, what you want our world leaders to know. Please visit our booth at Earth Day, April 18 & 19, Alameda Park.

Join us on May 2, 2015! Click here to download a printer-friendly PDF of our press release.

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