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Announcing the First Annual Peace Prize

from the Santa Barbara United Nations Association!

[July 15, 2017} The United Nations Association of Santa Barbara and Tri Counties is proud to announce the first annual Santa Barbara Peace Prize! “This is so exciting, and we have so many wonderful people in our community that do great things in the world. We’re thrilled to create this opportunity to honor them,” said UNASB President Barbara Gaughen-Muller.
What are the criteria to nominate someone for the UNASB Peace Prize?

  • The nominee must live in the Santa Barbara Tri–Counties area.
  • The nominee must have achieved worldwide impact in the service of peace that is tangible and measurable, i.e. a project, something that was built, a movement begun, a law passed, etc.

The nominee's achievements must have contributed tangibly to one or more of these goals:

  • Creating peace in the world
  • Expansion or defense of Human Rights internationally
  • Advancements for developing nations – creating infrastructure, supplies, education opportunities, etc.

The UNASB’s Santa Barbara Peace Prize will consist of a unique art piece and a plaque honoring the recipient. The art piece will rotate annually among winners. The UNASB is presently commissioning the art portion of the prize. Per Barbara Gaughen-Muller, “If you are a Santa Barbara-area artist, and you have a unique vision for an art piece that symbolizes world peace and human rights, that will be passed annually to new winners, please contact us at info@unasb.org with your proposal. We’ll be reviewing proposals and commissioning a unique piece of art that we feel best captures the spirit of Creating Peace in Our World.”
The intent is to have the art prize ready to award for the October 24th United Nations Day celebration. The deadline to enter is August 31. The winner will be announced October 1st, and honored at the annual UN Day celebration on October 24th. For more information, please contact the UNASB at info@unasb.org.

Executive Board Members: 

President: Barbara Gaughen-Muller

Vice President: Saher Hamdani

Treasurer: Gail Gillies

Secretary: Maya Martinez

Karen Akiskalian

Sarah Haviland Blackmun

Imke Bomer

Jessica Bragg

Tessa Brown

Cesar Calderon

Catherine Dishion

Dr. Steve Eskow

Eduardo Hernandez

Roger Horton

Betsy Ingalls

Inez Kaminski

Gerard Keiken

Alana Kutinsky

Nancy Martin

Michael Matsuda

Viola Mecke

Natalie Miller

Melanie Monifi

Matthew McCurdy

Emily Nightingale

Maryann Olson

Jack Orr

Dr. George Primbs

Monte-Angel Richardson

Gordie Scully

Ines Syvertsen Michelle Tokunaga

Jeremy Vaa

Advisory Board Members: 

Mara Abboud

Deb Artz

Marty Bloom

Luis Chavez

Douglas Gillies

Peter Haslund

David Krieger

Peter Merkl

Susan Penksa